Which PDA should I buy for Medical purposes?

It is a very common question because now PDA are also available built-into your mobile phone. After you decide whether to get a separate PDA or Smart mobile (with PDA built-in), you need to decide which operating system – Palm OS or Pocket PC or EPOC. Fortunately, in US, we only have to worry about Palm OS or Pocket PC because these two operating systems are used the most. Which one is better is a question for debate. There are software applications that works best for Palm and some are geared towards Palm OS. But for medical purposes, Palm OS is more stable and a lot more free applications available for Palm OS compared to Pocket PC.

To buy a PDA for medical purposes, you need to look at the following in this order:
1. Memory size. What is the internal memory size (RAM) of the PDA? For today software demands, it should be at least 64MB.
2. Expandability. It should have an option to expand the memory size – Memory stick or Smart Disk slot. This can go as big a 2GB which can store hundreds of textbooks, files, etc.
3. Size. This is based on how you would use it and your preference. But try to get screen that is bigger so that you can read the text easily.
4. Screen quality. Screen with enhanced colors (about 16 million colors) gives you the best quality when viewing images (dermatology pictures, family photos, etc.)
5. Processing Power. For general textbook viewing, this may not be as important. But if you also wants to run multimedia programs or software that require increased processing power, you may need higher end model (more expensive).

Here are some Palm OS PDAs, Pocket PC PDAs


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