What is the ZONE Diet?

The Zone Diet is created by Dr. Barry Sears, a researcher at MIT who holds PhD in Biochemistry. The idea of treating food as a drug was a revolutionary approach to dieting that Dr. Sears based on 1982 Nobel Prize-winning research that examined how dietary fats can influence hormones and health. The Zone Diet was officially unveiled in 1995 in his number one New York Times best seller The Zone.

What is The Zone?

It is a real physiological state in which the hormones (insulin and eicosanoids) governed by the food you eat are maintained within zones that are not too high, nor too low. The benefits of controlling insulin are increased fat loss, decreased likelihood of cardiovascular disease and greater physical and mental performance. The benefits of controlling eicosanoids are decreased inflammation and increased blood flow, which will help improve virtually every chronic disease condition and improve physical performance.

The easiest way to create Zone Diet meals is to follow the hand-eye method. Start by filling one-third of your plate with a serving of lean protein no bigger than the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. Then fill the other two-thirds with favorable carbohydrates, such as fruits and vegetables. Finally, add a dash of “good” fat, such as nuts, olive oil, or avocado, and there you have it: a Zone meal! This must be followed at every meal.

On the Zone Diet plan you’ll eat three meals a day, plus two snacks, and you’ll never go more than five hours without eating, so you won’t feel deprived.

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