What is the relationship of Pregnancy and Diabetes?

Some women who get pregnant get diabetes, but this type of diabetes, called “gestational” diabetes, usually goes away when the baby is delivered. The physical changes of pregnancy cause the diabetes in some women.

Women who have at least one of these characteristics is likely to get gestational diabetes:

  • they have had a previous stillbirth;
  • they have had babies that weigh more than nine pounds;
  • they have had babies with birth defects;
  • they have a family history of diabetes;
  • they have had obstetric complications, such as high blood pressure;
  • they have had gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy.

Of course it is also possible that even when none of these are present, the condition may still develop.

It is especially important for a woman with this type of diabetes, or any form of this disease to get early prenatal care. The doctor will require a thorough history, so he can spot any of the risk factors and test and treat the pateint accordingly. Uncontrolled diabetes is not healthy for the baby or the mother. It can cause birth defects and death for the baby if it is not fully treated. The good news is that proper treatment can prevent such tragedies.

Of course, a woman who had diabetes before she becomes pregnant will not be “cured” by the delivery of her baby – she will still be diabetic afterwards.

The material contained here is “FOR INFORMATION ONLY” and should not replace the counsel and advice of your personal physician. Promptly consulting your doctor is the best path to a quick and successful resolution of any medical problem.


  1. By Tamala Baisley


  2. By Tamala Baisley


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