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Child care – Observation checklist

Visit the child care settings that you are seriously considering for your child. As you observe, consider the following questions: Are there enough adults to meet the children’s needs? Do the caregivers seem to enjoy caring for the children? Are there joyful interactions between the children and caregivers? Do the adults and the children often

Child Care – Choosing the best care for your family

The child care that you choose for your family will play a key role in your child’s health and development. Finding high-quality child care is very important, but not always easy. You will need to consider many questions. But you are not alone — an increasing number of parents rely on quality child care so

Child care – In-Home Care

Having a caregiver come to or live in your home can be very convenient. In-home caregivers often can arrange their schedules to match your needs. Your child stays at home and does not have to adjust to a new setting. Your child will not be exposed to many seasonal illnesses because he will not be

Child Care – Center-based care

Center-based care has many names — child care center, preschool, nursery school or learning center. Center-based care also may have different sponsors, including churches, schools, colleges, universities, social service agencies, Head Start, independent owners and chains, and employers. Regardless of what type of center-based care you choose, there are some basic things to consider. Centers

Preparing your child for Child care

Most young infants, up to seven months, adapt to caring adults and seldom have problems adjusting to good child care. Older infants may be upset when left with strangers. They may feel separation anxiety, which is a normal part of development for some children. They will need extra time and your support to “get to