Fish Oil Supplementation for Heart Protection: How Much?

There have been many claims for benefits of fish oil (which contains omega-3 fatty acids) in multiple disease conditions. Todate, the strongest evidence of benefit is in the area of cardiovascular health, particularly the two longchain omega-3 fatty acids – Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The American Heart Association recently issued guidelines for

Eating Disorders: Facts About Eating Disorders and the Search for Solutions

Eating is controlled by many factors, including appetite, food availability, family, peer, and cultural practices, and attempts at voluntary control. Dieting to a body weight leaner than needed for health is highly promoted by current fashion trends, sales campaigns for special foods, and in some activities and professions. Eating disorders involve serious disturbances in eating

Snack Smart for Healthy Teeth

What’s wrong with sugary snacks, anyway? Sugary snacks taste so good-but they aren’t so good for your teeth or your body. The candies, cakes, cookies, and other sugary foods that kids love to eat between meals can cause tooth decay. Some sugary foods have a lot of fat in them too. Kids who consume sugary

Oral Cancer

The term oral cancer includes cancers of the mouth and the pharynx, part of the throat. About two-thirds of oral cancers occur in the mouth and about one-third are found in the pharynx. Oral cancer will be diagnosed in an estimated 30,000 Americans this year and will cause more than 8,000 deaths. The disease kills

Taking care of your teeth

Thanks to better at-home care and in-office dental treatments, more people than ever before are keeping their teeth throughout their lives. Although some diseases and conditions can make dental disease and tooth loss more likely, most of us have a good deal of control over whether we keep our teeth into old age. The most

Dry Mounth (Xerostomia)

What do I need to know about dry mouth? Everyone has a dry mouth once in a while–if they are nervous, upset or under stress. But if you have a dry mouth all or most of the time, it can be uncomfortable and can lead to serious health problems. Dry mouth… can cause difficulties in

Child care – Observation checklist

Visit the child care settings that you are seriously considering for your child. As you observe, consider the following questions: Are there enough adults to meet the children’s needs? Do the caregivers seem to enjoy caring for the children? Are there joyful interactions between the children and caregivers? Do the adults and the children often

Child Care – Choosing the best care for your family

The child care that you choose for your family will play a key role in your child’s health and development. Finding high-quality child care is very important, but not always easy. You will need to consider many questions. But you are not alone — an increasing number of parents rely on quality child care so

Child care – In-Home Care

Having a caregiver come to or live in your home can be very convenient. In-home caregivers often can arrange their schedules to match your needs. Your child stays at home and does not have to adjust to a new setting. Your child will not be exposed to many seasonal illnesses because he will not be

Child care – Family child care

This type of care takes place in the caregiver’s home. Many family child care providers have young children of their own. They may care for children who are the same age as their own children or for children of different ages. Carefully review the program, policies, caregiver’s qualifications and condition of the home. Ask about