Not Brushing Twice a day can cause heart attack!

We can never emphasize enough that brushing your teeth daily is very important. Now we have this study in British Medical Journal (BMJ) that surveyed almost 11,000 men and women and followed them for about 8 years and tracked which of them developed heart attack and which one of them died from that. They also asked their brushing habits. What was found from this survey data which was self-reported by the participants that people who have heart attacks, a large number of them had poor brushing habits.

Participantswho reported poor oral hygiene (never/rarely brushed their teeth) not only had an increased risk of a cardiovascular disease event but also had higher inflammatory markers, such as, c-reactive protein (CRP).

Although this could be simple a correlation but not a causal relationship, we can still reduce the risk of inflammation with simple intervention – Brushing Teeth twice a day!

Source: British Medical Journal (BMJ)

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