Does Duct Tape Cures Warts?

Bottom Line:

Duct tape is at least as effective as traditional cryotherapy for removal of wart.


Focht et al [1] conducted a randomized controlled trial to compare effect of duct tape vs cryotherapy on warts. 61 patients were enrolled and divided into two groups. One received cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) every 2-3 weeks for a maximum of 6 treatments or untils wart resolution. The other group had duct tape applied on the wart in 6-day intervals for 2 months. The study found that duct tape was more effective treatment: 85% of patients using duct tape had their warts completely resolved versus 60% of those treated with cryotherapy.

In a recent study done by De Haen group [2], researchers compared duct tape with placebo. There data showed that 16% of patient had disappearance of wart compared to 6% in placebo group. They however concluded that duct tape had modest resolution of wart resolution and diameter reduction compared to placebo.

Duct tape also offers cost-effective and less painful option to treat warts. One may get skin irritation. Do check with your doctor before using it for yourself.


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