Does daily baby Aspirin helps prevent vascular events (MI/Stroke) in all patients?

Is it true? A baby Aspirin daily helps prevent vascular events (MI/Stroke) in all patients.

Bottom Line:

Aspirin decreases the incidence of coronary heart disease in adults who are at increased risk for heart disease. There is also good evidence that aspirin increases the incidence of gastrointestinal bleeding and fair evidence that aspirin increases the incidence of hemorrhagic strokes. There is no evidence of MI prevention with low dose aspirin in general population with no risk factors. Low-dose aspirin prevents stoke events in women >45 years of age.


Patients at increased risk for cardiovascular (CV) events benefit from low-dose aspirin, provided that the patient does not have major risk factors for gastrointestinal (GI) or cerebral bleed.1 The risk of aspirin-induced bleeding usually outweighs the benefit of reducing cardiovascular events in patient with minimal to no risk factors for CV events.2,3, The results of Women’s Health Study (WHS) demonstrated that in women >45 years of age even with low risk factors for CV events, benefited from low-dose aspirin in reducing stroke events. No difference in cardiac event were note compared to placebo.4


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