BodyMedia FIT Link Armband Weight Management System

body-fit-mediaRecently a whole new gloss over readable Had earmarked in to provide tools to get in shape but even just lose a few pounds. The BodyMedia LINK Armband Weight Management System is one such device.  It tracks your daily routine from exercise to eating and helps you set goals towards a healthier lifestyle. Using its patented on-body monitoring calorie counter, you get a read of calories burned with a level of precision no regular calorie counter could offer. Everyone knows you burn more calories walking up stairs than you do walking on a flat street, but not every calorie counter captures that distinction. With BodyMedia FIT, you’ll get a complete all day calorie burn profile that’s proven to be the most accurate in the market. Using the online Activity Manager’s (subscription based) food logging tool, you can enter the foods you’ve eaten. BodyMedia FIT automatically converts those into calories. This information combined with your calorie burn gives you a complete picture of each day’s calories in and out.

Your BodyMedia® FIT Armband has multiple sensors. Those innovative sensors take 5 different “views” of your life:

  1. Motion. An accelerometer that senses your movement – fast or slow
  2. Steps. using accelerometer it counts steps whether it is brisk walk or a casual stroll
  3. Galvanic Skin Response. How active you are based on your sweat response
  4. Skin Temperature. A thermometer measures your skin temperature
  5. Heat Flux. Heat produced by muscle that is flowing from body to environment

Once the device gets these “readings”, it can determine what kind of exercise you’re getting, and how difficult it is for you. That’s important since your body burns calories differently than anyone else’s.

The Body Media fit  shows a daily summary of your physical activity – calories burned, consumed, physical activity, the number of steps you’ve taken and sleep.  The dashboard is very colorful and well laid out.  The calories burned tab shows a timeline of when you burn the most calories.

The LINK can also sync via Bluetooth with an android or iOS app.  You must have Body Media FIT subscription in order to use the app. The app mimics much of what you can do on the website, but also includes a Workouts tab. Here, you can specify what sort of goal you want to reach for a specific workout, be it a predetermined amount of time, steps or calories.


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