One of the biggest hurdles for the healthcare community is the immense quantity of information available through the internet. The quality of these information is highly variable. “ Guide to your Health Assessment” was founded by Dr. Adarsh Gupta in 1995 to provide quality health information resources online.

Dr. Gupta is a board certified Family Practitioner. Dr. Gupta completed his undergraduate training in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. Area of expertise: Evidence-Based Medicine, Medical Informatics, Technology in Medicine, Handheld use in Medical education, Web-based instruction, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight Management & Obesity, Screening and Risk Assessment.

He has conducted workshops and presentations for the faculty and staff on various topics regarding the use of technology in medicine and on Evidence-Based Medicine at National Conferences and Meetings.

Goals’s primary goals are:

  • To provide latest information to the healthcare professionals, including medical students, residents, physicians and allied-healthcare professionals.
  • To provide useful information fulfilling the personal and professional needs of the healthcare professionals.
  • To provide health educational handouts and information to the patients and families.
  • To act as a one-stop information source for all healthcare professionals and consumers.

Services Offered also offers health information technology services which includes:

  • Practice’s online presence consultation
  • Electronic Medical Record selection and implementation
  • Speaking engagements on the topics of EMR, E-prescribing, PDA applications in practice or patient care, Evidence-Based Medicine, Weight Management and Obesity and Medical Informatics.

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